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Basic Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations and Consequences are managed in three areas
  • Basic Behavior Expectations (BBE) - Basic expectations and consequences
  • Classroom/Campus Managed Behaviors – Expectations and consequences managed by teachers and support staff usually less severe behavior. (Ex. Class Disruptions)
  • Administration Managed Behaviors – Expectations and consequences of a more severe nature handled by school administration. (Ex. Fighting)
Basic Behavior Expectation Policy (BBE)

The BBE system is part of the overall behavior management system. These behaviors listed under the BBE policy are
basic expectations that all students are expected to follow. The goal of the BBE system is to address non severe
behaviors that can be disruptive to the school environment. These behaviors are in addition to behaviors managed
within the classroom and on the school campus. Teachers and staff will also have rules and consequences within their
classroom or on the campus that are above and beyond the BBE policy.

BBE Behaviors
  • Chewing Gum and sunflower seeds. Candy is at the discretion of individual teachers in their rooms.
  • Cell Phones that are out during school hours or not in the off position.
    Excessive public displays of affection (Kissing, excessive hugging, hand holding etc.)
  • Dress code violations
  • Foul Language
BBE Consequences
  • 1st offense – Warning (Property taken will only be returned to parent/guardian)
  • 2nd offense – Lunch or after school detention
  • 3rd offense – Classroom Suspension or Friday School
  • 4th offense – Classroom Suspension or Saturday School – Meet with school administration – Behavior Contract
  • 5th offense – Referral to the office. In-House Suspension – Meeting with Intervention Committee
  • 6th offense – Referral to the office. Home suspension – Meeting with Intervention Committee
  • 7th offense – Meeting with Intervention Committee – Probation – No fresh start. Possible alternative placement.
  • BBE system is based on quarters. Students start fresh at each quarter.
  • BBE items confiscated such as cell phones will only be returned to parent/guardian
  • Students who do not attend assigned detentions or Friday/Saturday school will have to make up consequences and may be assigned additional consequences including but not limited to suspension or alternative education placement.
Updated Web Page 8-26-2017