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Keys to Success

  1. Success in anything begins with being present. Be present physically and mentally everyday.
  2. Your effort will determine how far you will go. Nothing worth having is ever easy.
  3. Come to school with a positive attitude everyday. You choose what type of day you are going to have.
  4. Your choices define your character, who you are. Do the right thing, even when you think that no one is looking.
  5. Sleep well. Getting enough sleep is critical for your body and brain to function well. 
  6. Eat right. Healthy and balanced meals give your body and mind energy to work well throughout the day.
  7. Do your homework. Making it a habit to do your homework each night will help you practice skills and to be prepared for assessments.
  8. Pay attention in class. Focusing and using class time wisely is one of the keys to getting ahead in Jr. High.
  9. Get Involved. Research shows that school involvement can be a big determining factor for your success.
  10. Ask for help. Whether it is academic, social, or emotional help, there are adults at the school ready and willing to help you.
  11. Stay organized. A little organization goes a long way in Jr. High. 
  12. Make goals. Come up with something you want to attain by the end of each quarter, make a plan and stick to it. 
  13. Take risks. Jr. High is the time when you start to grow up and figure out who you are in the world. Take risks and be brave! 
Have fun! Enjoy your time at the Jr. High. It will go by very quickly. Make new friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.